Each item included in this teeth whitening dental kit is very frequently used in dentistry. The gum barrier is made from resin. It can be applied on the surface of the gums to protect the gums in the process of tooth care. Usually the gel is blue. The syringe is black, with a curved needle pipe. There are varies of volume for options, such as 1.5mL, 2.5mL, and 3mL.
The teeth desensitization gel is made from nitrate of potash. The gel is blue, which can prevent tooth from allergies. Options for volume are 1.2mL, 3mL, 5mL and 10mL.
The vitamin E swab contains 1.5mL of vitamin E solution. When you cut off the cotton along the red line and hold it vertically, the solution will flow to another side of cotton. Each unit weighs 0.7g. Its length is 80mm.
The ingredient of the teeth whitening gel can be 0.1%-35% of HP, 0.1%-44% of CP, non-peroxide or 0.1%-12% of PAP. The volume and the color of the push rod are customizable.
The retractor mouth opener is to keep the mouth wide open when the dentist is operating. There are three sizes for options: S, M and L. Its color is transparent usually.
The kit is very practical and hygienic. Each unit is with individual package and with disposable dose, which can prevent cross infection.
You can have your private label on the surface of the foil bag. The bag is well sealed.