In order to get better effect of teeth whitening, oral care in daily life is essential. Activated carbon is one of the most important ingredients of teeth whitening products. We add this element to toothpaste, as well as mint. All the ingredients in this toothpaste are natural and environmentally friendly and fluoride free. The bamboo charcoal toothpaste works on removing stains, anti-bacterial and keeping refreshing breath.
There are also bamboo toothbrushes in the series. The material of the handle is 100% biodegradable Mao Bamboo, while the bristle is made of PET sharpen silk. The bristles are soft and firm. It cleans teeth effectively without damaging gums. You can carve the logo on the handle and have customizing individual package.
It’ll lead to the best effect of teeth whitening If using the whole series of products together. Every day when you’re about to brush teeth, first wet the bamboo tooth brush, dip the tooth brush into the teeth whitening powder jar. Then tap off the extra powder. Brush your teeth for over 3 minutes. Spit out and rinse mouth. Second, brush teeth with the charcoal toothpaste. After rinsing the mouth, use the coconut oil mouth wash at the end.
The mouth wash is made of coconut oil and mint. Tear off the sachet along the guide line, pour the coconut oil into the mouth. Swirl for 5-20 minutes. Then spit out. This will help keeping the breath refreshing and meanwhile strengthen whitening teeth. Each pack contains 10mL. It’s portable. You can easily carry it around when traveling or attending work.
Tooth whitening needs long-term persistence. For those who are often on the road, we have many portable products. Teeth whitening wipe is one of them.It’s portable and disposable. You don’t need water when using it. It’s perfect for trip, office or home usages.