The whitening strips are flexible film strips that can be divided into wet strips and dry strips. The wet strips treatment time is 10 – 15 minutes each time. The gel layer on the dry can create a strong bond that sticks to the teeth for a long time when in contact with saliva, it can last 1 -12 hours. Due to the long-lasting time, the price of dry strips is a little bit higher than the wet strips.
With unique elastic adhesion and tension, which provides the best adhesion to the tooth surface, improves the contact area between the gel layer and the tooth form, prolongs the action time with the tooth whitening agent in the tooth. The strips can achieve a perfect effect.
As the bleaching strips are designed to fit the teeth closely, it reduces the possibility of slip during the treatment. And after the treatment, you do not need to worry about the spot on the teeth, it can be avoided by press the strips tightly.
After treatment, some consumers may worry about it is hard to remove the strips. But LLRN teeth whitening strips are easy to pear off from the teeth.
Active whitening ingredients in the strips can quickly decompose deposited pigments, and whiten the teeth in an effective way. The strips are 14 pairs a box with the user manual and shade guide, one box is a treatment, after treatment, the teeth can whiten 5-8 shade grades.

  • Certificates: CE, GMP,FCC,ROHS,BSCI,FDA
  • Free design,Individual package
  • Customized whole set with outer boxes
  • Customized flavoring ,sharp and colors
  • HP,CP,PAP,PAP+,Non Peroxide,Activated Charcoal