Without the volume scale on the body, teeth Whitening Gel Pen is designed with soft brushes, with that every corner of the teeth can be applied with gel evenly, which greatly reduces the contact between the whitening essence and the gums, making whitening easier and more assured. That’s the biggest difference between teeth whitening gel syringes. With safe whitening ingredients, it can oxidize the dirt on the surface without harming the teeth, and achieve the effect of whitening teeth.
The teeth whitening pens are very convenient for treatment at home or in the office and traveling. It is very easy to operate. Just open the cap on the brush head of the gel tube, and rotate the end of the gel tube clockwise several times until the gels come from the brush, and then apply the gel on the surface of the teeth evenly. Then use the matching mouth tray and teeth whitening led lamp to speed up whitening for 10-30 minutes. Use together with the led lights, the teeth will whitener 5-8 shades after the first treatment(14 days).

  • Certificates: CE, GMP,FCC,ROHS,BSCI,FDA
  • Self-owned whitening gel factory
  • Customized packaging, capacity, printing, and gel
  • NO MOQ
  • 1.5ML,4ML,6ML,10ML or custom
  • 0.1-44%CP,0.1-35%HP,Non Peroxide,PAP,PAP+
  • OEM,ODM,Private Labels,Drop Shipping is Available