Teeth whitening powder is one of the most common teeth whitening products nowadays. There are various kinds of powder, in which the activated carbon powder is the most popular. The product we provide is called coconut black teeth whitening powder.
The ingredient of our teeth whitening powder is coconut activated carbon, bentonite and mint. The powder is packed in a round plastic jar with a logo label on the surface of the top and a cardboard box. Each contains 30g of powder normally. We also have other sizes of jar for customizing like 40g, 60g, and 100g.
Every day when you’re about to brush teeth, wet the tooth brush, dip the tooth brush into the jar. Then tap off the extra powder. Brush your teeth for over 3 minutes. Make sure each corner is well brushed. Spit out and rinse mouth at the end. For the best results, use at night followed by activated charcoal toothpaste.
Activated carbon teeth whitening powder is a kind of extremely minute powder, which plays a good role in friction and adsorption when brushing teeth. So it can well clean the dirt on the surface of teeth, so as to achieve the effect of whitening teeth.
We add mint and coconut into the powder, which not only makes the powder taster, but also makes the whole using process more enjoyable. They also help with refreshing breath. There are also other flavors for customizing, such as lemon, rose, etc.
Some might not adore the color of activated carbon. We have powder in white as well, which is made from sodium chloride. Its function of whitening teeth is the same as the black one.
Compared to other teeth whitening products, the powder is easier to carry on. It’s also convenient to carry when traveling.