What are your payment options?

What are your payment options?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal, L/C(for big order)

More FAQS:

What teeth whitening products you supply?

We can supply teeth whitening kits,teeth whitening gel syringes and pens,teeth whitening strips,teeth whitening powder,toothpaste,toothbrush,anti-snoring belt and other personal care products.

Is this strip easy to tear off from my teeth?

Yes. It’s easy to operate.

Will my teeth become spotted after using your strips?

No,it won’t. Just press the strips tightly to make it fit your teeth well, there will be no spot after treatment.

How long can my teeth become whiter?

Generally, the teeth will whiter 5 shade grades. Due to the difference between the ages,eating habits and natural dental conditions,the effect will also vary from person to person.

How long can the whitening effect last?

Generally for 6 months. We suggest regular whitening treatments to keep the effect longer.

What’s the difference between the blue and red light?

The blue light aims to teeth whitening ; the red aims to eliminating bacteria.

How much gel should I use each time? Will more gel helpful to get a better result?

We suggest 0.5 – 0.7 ML each time. More gel will not helpful to get a faster or better result.

What’s the Shelf life of the gel?

12 months

How to store this product?

The products should be kept in cool and dry area to avoid sunlight. And the gel syringes and pens should be kept in refrigerator.

Is it also suitable for braces, bonding or crowns?

The teeth whitening product will whiten natural teeth only, not work for crowns, veneers.