About LED Teeth Whitening

Post Published:11/02/2021

About LED Teeth Whitening

What is LED Teeth Whitening?
Tooth whitening is the process that lightens the tooth color. Whitening is accomplished by either the physical removal of the stain or a chemical reaction that lightens the tooth color.
LED teeth whitening is the process of using a tooth-whitening agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, carbimide peroxide and an LED (light-emitting diode) light to whiten teeth.

How Does LED Teeth Whitening Work?
During the LED teeth whitening process, users first treat the teeth with a chemical agent that has bleaching properties. LED light is used to activate the whitening agent and start the chemical reaction.
When this interaction happens, the blue LED light penetrates the enamel and lifts existing stains.
LED lights are highly efficient and last a long time compared to other light sources. They do not have a warm-up time and switch on at their highest intensity straight away.

How Does an LED Light Make Your Teeth Whiter?
LED light works with a tooth-whitening agent to whiten teeth by activating the whitening agent and starting the chemical reaction.
An LED light will not change the color of the teeth if used alone. It acts as a catalyst to speed up the whitening process’s reactions when combined with a whitening agent.

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