How To Keep Your Teeth White After Whitening?

Post Published:10/15/2021

How To Keep Your Teeth White After Whitening?

Whether you are getting your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist or you are using our at-home teeth whitening products, it’s important to understand that whitening your teeth is a process. Although everyone want to have their teeth whiten by simply waving magic wand, the process can sometimes take weeks. When you are in the process of whitening teeth, try to get the best out of your whitening solution by following 3 tips.

Firstly, it is important to pay attention to your diet for a week or two after your teeth whitening treatment. In particular, avoid foods that tend to be highly staining, such as coffee, tea, red wine, coke, curry, red dragon fruit, etc. Smoking, betel nut, etc. are all staining factors and should be avoided.

Secondly, good oral hygiene cleaning habits are always important, brush at least twice a day. Floss daily to prevent plaque from building up. These habbits are not only to prevent dental disease, but also to maintain whitening results. This is especially true after eating the staining foods mentioned above.

Last but not least, home teeth whitening kit is not permanent and fades over time. To keep the teeth-whitening effect lasting as long as possible, we recommend regular use every 3 months after you’ve achieved a perfect whitening result ,but for how regular to use home whitening kits, It all depends on your demand for the ideal result.

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