Is Gum Irritation Normal in Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Post Published:01/17/2022

Is Gum Irritation Normal in Teeth Whitening Treatment?

With loads of benefits like lower budget and shorter operation time, at-home teeth whitening products are preferred by the public. And from the survey we have done before, almost everyone experienced gum irritations from teeth whitening treatment to some degree. Teeth Whitening will not cause any permanent damage to your gums, the gum irritation symptoms are always short-lived. To keep good oral health, it’s significant to know the irritation signs and how to recover them.

Soft tissue or gum irritation caused by teeth whitening gel is considered a chemical burn, which is very comparable to a sunburnt. When a chemical burn occurs, you’ll notice gum irritation during the whitening process if your gums develop white spots or parts of your gum turn white. You may notice your gums get inflamed also. Then, the tissue will return to normalcy within twenty-four hours.

The causes of gum irritation during teeth whitening treatment

Due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in the teeth whitening products, like teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening strips, chemical burns can occur whether you are at the dental office or your home. While the amount of the bleaching agent included in the teeth whitening products is safe to use, too much exposure to the gums will lead to sensitivity or gum irritation.

Tips for soothing the irritation

  • Be careful with the amount of gel you use — Less is more! You should only use a suitable amount of gel according to the instructions.

  • Use a professional mouth tray — To avoid irritations with a suitable mouth tray. The more precisely your trays fit, the less likely the gel is to come in contact with your gums.

  • Wipe any excess gel away immediately — Use a damp, cotton-tipped applicator to remove any gel that’s touching your gums as soon as possible.

  • Rinse your mouth after treatment – The healing process should be started after the treatment immediately. Rinsing with warm salt water can promote the process. If the burning sensation occurs to you, a small drop of Vitamin E oil can be massaged into the tissue until the irritation subsides.

  • Use a gum protector – The gum protector can be seen in the dental clinic frequently. For severer gum disease, applying the gum protector while the treatment is a good choice for you.

Depending on the severity of the gum irritation site, it may be a good idea to discontinue whitening applications until the tissue heals. In the majority of cases, gum irritation from whitening is quite mild. However, if you experience severe pain or notice any light bleeding, don’t hesitate to call your dentist for help.

Whitening is a safe, reliable cosmetic option for transforming your smile. With these tips, you’ll be able to get fantastic results as comfortably as possible.

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