Things To Avoid For Perfect Dental Impression At Home

Post Published:01/13/2022

Things To Avoid For Perfect Dental Impression At Home

What Are Dental Impressions?


Dental impressions are imprints of your upper and lower teeth and gums, which your dentist/orthodontist uses to review and determine if you will be a Mild, Moderate. The lab uses the impressions to create your custom invisible aligners.


A good impression will be even on both sides and show the correct shape of your teeth past the gum line. Here are a few dental impressions tips to help you make a good impression.


1.Try the tray in before putting in any putty to see how it fits and feels. This will be a good practice run before it has impression material in it and it’s showtime.

2.Use the tray’s handle as a guide to line up evenly to your nose when placing the tray in your mouth; this will ensure the tray is even on both sides.

3.Fully insert the tray into your mouth past the gum line to get a perfect imprint of your teeth.

4.Roll your lips off the tray, or use the lip stretcher provided to keep your lips away and out of the impression putty. We don’t need impressions of your lips, just your teeth.

5.Don’t push too hard; the tray should not touch your teeth, just the putty inside the tray.

6.Don’t bite down while taking your at-home impressions; keep your mouth and teeth open. Instead, use your fingers to apply pressure.

7.Hold the impression tray completely stable until the material sets in your mouth; otherwise, you will create a double impression.

8.Don’t move the tray while the material is setting up in your mouth. If the material isn’t set, it can smear or have bubbles if removed too early.

9.To remove the trays, simply pull straight down on the upper and pull straight up on the lower.

10.If the impression tray seems stuck, gently rock the tray from side to side to loosen its grip on your teeth.

11.Don’t be surprised while taking the impression if you seem to have a lot of saliva, this is quite common and is why we recommend doing this close to a sink if you need to spit or drool.

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