Treatment For Post-Braces Stained Teeth

Post Published:06/06/2022

Treatment For Post-Braces Stained Teeth

In Cosmetic dentistry, braces are typically the best solution for straightening the misaligned teeth. Most people choose braces to improve their bright smiles. However, braces may make teeth cleaning much more difficult. With the brackets on the braces, you might not be able to clean the hard-to-reach surface. Consequently, stains and discoloration occur.

To know how to prevent braces stains, let’s study the causes of it first.

Stain accumulation on teeth is a long process and developed by eating and drinking beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, etc. As teeth are porous, they quickly absorb the stain particles of dark liquids or foods discoloring the teeth. If they are not cleaned properly, people with braces may get extra stain buildup between their dental checkups.
In a word, when oral hygiene is not properly maintained while wearing the braces, the stains take place. Here are options to avoid brace stains:

Teeth whitening
When you have stained teeth, especially after braces, you can try teeth whitening products. Home teeth whitening kits, strips, gels and toothpaste are all available in the market. These whitening products can effectively remove post braces stains on your teeth.

Composite restoration
Composite restoration is one of the effective ways to treat the stains or discoloration caused by braces. This includes adhering a tooth-colored resin to teeth for the natural and healthy color and shape.

Once the enamel is lost, you can’t grow it back. However, you can stop the demineralization and white spots that often accompany it. Brushing with proper technique, reducing sugar from your diet, decreasing your fruit and dairy intake, and taking vitamin and probiotic supplements can easily remineralize your teeth.

This treatment includes sanding off the enamel to improve your tooth color with pumice or diamond. It is ordinarily effective in recovering tooth appearance and works for white spots or stains.

Dental veneers
In severe instances of discoloration, a dentist or orthodontist may suggest veneers to cover it up. Veneers are ultra-thin, tooth-colored coverings on the front surface of teeth, which hide the discolored teeth and promote a beautiful smile.

Dental filling
The white spots may cause a slight dent in teeth, and seldom a small cavity is formed on the affected teeth. Your dentist can fix the cavity with special resin-matched surrounding teeth. However, in severe conditions, the enamel is damaged. Hence, it is advisable to have the cavity filled before encountering further complications.

The best way to avoid braces staining is to prevent them at the very first beginning. Here are some effective dentistry tips to prevent braces stains:
1. Keep regular dental checkups
2. Clean hard-to-reach areas with special tools and methods.
3. Use an electric toothbrush to clean the teeth surface (with braces on) effectively.
4. Include fluoride supplements such as gels or rinses in your daily oral hygiene routine. Using fluoride, you can remineralize weak enamel and strengthen it.
5. Consume a healthy diet that improves oral health. And use a straw while consuming soft drinks to prevent damage to the enamel.

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