Try V34 Color Corrector

Post Published:04/21/2022

Try V34 Color Corrector

After the PAP+ whitening formula, V34 color corrector technology is setting a new trend in teeth whitening field. Have you got one for a try? If not, pls read this article. Llrncare sales team is well prepared to offer you more help.

The V34 foam and serum adopt color-correcting technology. Yellow and purple are complementary colors as they appear opposite of each other on the color wheel. Like the purple shampoo for your teeth, if you have bleached your hair, you will know the significance of the shampoo. It keeps our hair getting rid of yellow tone. Likewise, the serum counter-balances the different colors by concealing stains, neutralizing yellow undertones and improving tooth brightness.

Features of V34 color correction foam and serum:

Best products used after a whitening treatment, can be used in daily routine
Most teeth whitening products in the market are used periodically and not recommended for daily use. V34 serum is just like the make-ups you used every day, it can keep your teeth looking brighter a whole day.

Water-soluble whitening items
V34 formula is a precise combination of two water-soluble dyes, forming a deep violet tone.

Residue-free and zero adverse effects on the teeth
V34 formula is capable of canceling any shade of yellow without leaving residue.

The difference between the V34 color correction foam and serum:

V34 foam can achieve the whitening result in the fastest and most convenient way, while serum can keep a longer whiter result with a stronger concentration of V34.

To make the most use of V34 products, it’d be better to use them after a teeth whitening treatment. But you can use V34 serum or foam separately in your daily oral care routine also. And pls follow these steps:
Step 1: Pump a certain amount of foam to your teeth
Step 2: Brush in a circular motion for 2 minutes
Step 3: Spit them out like regular toothpaste and rinse mouth with water

Although our V34 products are perfectly safe as they’re non-abrasive to our teeth, for the veneers, caps, implants, bridges, or bonded teeth, we suggest checking with a dentist before using, as only natural teeth can be color-corrected.

The new arrivals are now giving very good discount. Please send inquiry to get more information. Thanks for reading.

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