Dental Fluorosis

Post Published:04/11/2022

Dental Fluorosis

What is Dental Fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis is a condition that with an increase in porosity of the enamel. This mineralization defect occurs in the appearance of tooth enamel, and is the result of excessive fluoride ion exposure during the developmental stage. The fluorosis always appears with white spots on the tooth when we are at younger age. And it will be getting severe if haven’t got timely treatment.

Generally, there are three stages for dental fluorosis. And the severity of the condition depends on the dose, and duration of fluoride intake.

  •  Mild Dental Fluorosis

Very mild and mild dental fluorosis — with barely noticeable changes on the teeth, typically has scattered white flecks, white spots, less than 25% of the tooth surface.

  • Moderate Dental Fluorosis

Moderate dental fluorosis – the white spots on the enamel will take about 50% of the tooth surface.  Besides, brown staining may be visible.

  • Severe Dental Fluorosis

Severe dental fluorosis – all surfaces are involved, widespread brown staining, along with possible irregular tooth formation including pitting and corroded like appearance

Dental Fluorosis

How to prevent dental fluorosis:

  1. Do not use fluoride supplements on your kids without instruction
  2. Do not allow your kids to swallow toothpaste
  3. Check your fluoride intake if you are pregnant
  4. Check the fluoride in your water supply
  5. Keep regular dental checking

Remedies for dental fluorosis:

If you are parents, you’d better keep regular dental checking for your kids. Once fluorosis occurs, take effective action before it gets worse.

If you are an adult and already have dental fluorosis, you can select treatment options according to the severity of conditions. Options: Micro Abrasion and teeth whitening treatment(suitable for superficial staining), bonding or filling restorations(suitable for more unaesthetic situations), veneers and crowns(best way for moderate to severe stages).

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