The differences between teeth whitening wet strips and dry strips

Post Published:12/11/2021

The differences between teeth whitening wet strips and dry strips

Teeth whitening strips are flexible, gel-based strips that are easy to use and effective in whitening teeth quickly. With the development of technology, teeth whitening strips have wet and dry options. Now let’s get a comprehensive understanding of the two options.

  1. From the structure

The teeth whitening wet strip consists of 3 basic elements: a plastic film layer(PE Film), an elastic gel layer, and a peel-off backing layer(PET Film).

The PE film is a relatively comprehensive packaging film. It is characterized by good transparency and gloss, good air tightness and fragrance retention, medium moisture resistance, etc. And is used to protect goods from pollution, corrosion, and scratches during production, transportation, storage, and use. Here it acts as a barrier to saliva to protect the elastic gel layer.

The elastic gel layer contains peroxide as a tooth whitening agent, a vegetable whitening factor, and a highly viscous hydrophilic elastomeric gel with an elastic film-like consistency.

The PET film layer is a transparent plastic sheet and has excellent physical properties, chemical properties, and dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability. Here used to maintain the stability of the gel.

Different from the wet strips, the teeth whitening dry strips has four layers:

PE Film + high viscosity hydrophilic elastic gel layer + Microcrystalline film + PET Film

  1. From the adhesion ability

Compared with teeth whitening wet strips, teeth whitening dry strips have a better adhesion ability. Designer with a dry high viscosity hydrophilic elastic gel layer, it creates a strong bond when hydrated with saliva and can remain attached to the teeth for a long time, improving the contact area between the gel layer and the tooth form and improving the action time with the tooth whitening agent in the tooth, thus ensure that the whitening agent in the patch has better time to act on the teeth.

When you wear the wet strips, you couldn’t speak to others as the strips may slip off. And after the treatment, you need to brush your teeth to remove the gel on your teeth.

With the perfect absorption ability of microcrystalline film, there will be no slip and residues on the teeth during and after the dry strips’ bleaching treatment. So you can speak freely while wearing it. What’s more, no need to brush teeth again after the treatment.

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