What’s the cost of your teeth whitening treatment?

Post Published:03/02/2022

What’s the cost of your teeth whitening treatment?

When talking about the history of teeth whitening, it can date back to 1989. Dr. Van is the first one who offers teeth bleaching treatment to his clients. He combined carbamide peroxide with a gel such as the one we used today. Then lined the gel in night guards, users can wear it when sleeping for 10-14 days to see a whitening result.

Although the tooth bleaching agents haven’t progressed much, more methods for the whitening treatment have been made available.
The following has concluded some available tooth bleaching methods, and with the market price offered for reference also.

In-Chair teeth whitening
In-chair teeth whitening is by far the most expensive treatment. The dentist always offers you 2 options for teeth whitening:
In-Chair teeth bleaching:
The dentist will apply a high concentration peroxide gel to your teeth and use an LED light to accelerate the whitening process. With this solution, you need to visit the office 1-7 times.
Cost: $400-$1,500(2-7 visits recommended)

Custom teeth bleaching tray:
When visiting a dentist, the dental assistant will use dental impression material to make a teeth mold of your teeth. Then they will custom mouth trays for you according to the molding. Finally, you can start the whitening treatment with a custom mouth tray that can fit your tooth well.
Cost: $300-$1,000

At-home teeth whitening
At-home teeth whitening kit:
Standard home use teeth whitening kits usually include teeth whitening gels and an LED light.
Cost: $39-$120

At-home teeth whitening strips:
The strips are formulated with a lower concentration of peroxide whitening agents. It can be easily found in the grocery. Compare the cost and results of the strips, you may find it’s costly.
Cost: $20-$50

Teeth Whitening toothpaste/mouthwash
Compared with whitening kits and strips, the whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are not much effective. These two are used to keep the whitening result and maintain a good oral condition.
Cost: $10-$30

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